Nestled in the limestone bluffs and hardwood forests of southeastern Minnesota, Stringwood at the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center sits on 80 acres of natural woodlands overlooking the scenic Root River.

The modern campus facilities, completed in 1997, include a superb indoor rockwall climbing facility, air-conditioned dormitories with private bath, and a spacious dining hall with spectacular views of the beautiful expanse of forest and field. Each ensemble is assigned a personal practice room for the entire 2-week program. Teaching assistants, counselors, and adult volunteers are on hand to facilitate rehearsals and outdoor adventures.



The dining experience at Stringwood is first rate! Healthy traditional, vegeterian, and vegan meals are prepared daily by Eagle Bluff's in-house chef and dining staff. Food service personnel are attentive and courteous to special dietary requirements, and work to meet individual needs.


Dorm life at Stringwood is active and comfortable. Clean air-conditioned living and working spaces allow students, counselors, and faculty to live side-by-side while at the program. Access and close supervision by Stringwood and Eagle Bluff adults is important for creating a safe and mutually respectful living space.